My Willicia heart is so F… broken :’(

Why Josh??? Whyy????

I stayed up late  (since i live in Europe) to watch the good wife live stream only because i was hoping that i was going to hear Alicia telling Peter that Will did care about her and she loved him… 


All i got was “I am not going to divorce you because you are to valuable professionally for me”.  After 5 and half seasons Alicia Florrick is not still able to stand on her own feet besides the fact that she is a good lawyer…

The message delivered through the show: “Unless there is a successful man supporting your career do not even bother try to succeed in the business” 

Oh the irony

Because Grace got lost in season 3 Alicia decided to leave will :’(

So unfair…

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internal monologues of actual teenagers regina and tinkerbell


Just wondering

Am I the only one that sees no chemistry between Alicia and Finn??

 NO!! I am not over Will’s death and i will never be…